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Complete VA saves business owners a day a week so they can focus on sales and increase their revenue by 30%.

For many start-ups and SMEs, one of the key challenges …


We are here to support you with your admin needs – so you can focus on growing your business. Below are some of the tasks we offer to our clients:

Form Design

When you have a form, for eg. A new client take-on form, which needs to be completed, it looks more professional is the form can be completed online using Acrobat Reader…

Graphic Design

Starting your business and need assistance with a new logo and business cards, or is it time to re-brand and change the look of your current branding?

Business Process Optimization

Who in the office does what, when? What is the process flow to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks?
See everything at a glance, by getting a visual representation of the process flow of every task in your office, whether onsite or virtually.


“We had a quick meeting, so I’ll be sending you the minutes as voice notes over WhatsApp – I hope that is ok”
“We require a verbatim transcript of the recording.”

Telephone Support

“I’ll be away on a conference for 2 days, are you able to assist with answering the phone?”
“I need someone to answer my office phone when I’m out of the office or in meetings.”

Concierge Services

What are the special events coming up, and what arrangements need to be made?

Document Templates

“I’m starting a new business and need to create templates for my office stationery.”

Financial Admin

“When I started my business, I had no problem sending quotes and invoices, and keeping track of who has paid and who still needs to pay. Now my business has grown and it takes me so long to get these tasks done”

Business Presentations

“I started my presentation and won’t have time to finish it.”
“This new client requested the information to be sent in a presentation.”
“I’m sending you the white paper, can you please put it into the presentation, according to the current headings?”

Diary Management

Effective meeting scheduling with complex itineraries, confirming appointments, and ensure all the relevant information is in your diary.


“Please obtain quotes on the products, for export purposes”
“Please find a company who can assist with…”
“We need to send year-end gifts to our clients, and have it delivered”

Document Formatting

Sending a document to a potential or current client that has different fonts and inconsistent formatting is not cool…

Martie Cronje (CEO)

Martie is a professional Virtual Assistant with 30 years’ Personal and Executive Assistant experience in solving problems for her managers and helping them bring balance back into their lives.

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