Now, more than ever before people are feeling the pressure, working longer hours with nowhere to escape to.  Someone, talking a walk in your garden just does not have the same effects it had at the beginning of lockdown.

While talking to people over the phone, over WhatsApp or via video conferencing, at some point you’ll hear the dreaded ‘I feel so overwhelmed’.  Although that leaves an immediate negative image, overwhelmed can also be positive.  Think about an overwhelming successful event, as an example; although people generally refer to a successful event that left them feeling overwhelmed.

As we continue navigating life as we know it and getting used to the ‘new’ normal, which is, 5 months in, not so new any longer, but rather just normal or the new normal.

According to synonyms for overwhelm include: crush, devastate, oppress, overcome, snow under and swamp.  Looks like overwhelming negative emotions and feelings.  How would anyone be dealing with the overwhelming feelings of being overwhelmed?  Before we look at dealing with these emotions, let’s take a look at what could be the cause:

The never ending to-do list.  The work list and stuff to get fixed at home list have somehow merge into one.  You’re working from home, so it will be quick to get it done, right?

Over-availability of information.  Between news reports, social media reports, email messages, marketing campaigns, WhatsApp groups and conspiracy theories, who can keep up?  Just because someone claims to be an expert, are they really an expert?  Someone’s opinion is exactly that, their opinion, and not necessary the truth.

With the constant information sharing comes constant notifications.  A ping or ting for every message, email and bit of information making it into your surroundings, whether requested or not.  Turn off the notifications.  The email will be in your inbox to be perused at the allotted time.

There is a time for everything. Either we control our time or our time controls us.  Set specific time aside for certain tasks

  • Learn to say no.
  • Use time blocking – for business and personal tasks
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Be here now
  • Have your bad half hour
  • Find an accountability partner
  • Appreciate
  • Let it go
  • Breathe

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