Usually a lot of emphasize is put on Virtual Assistants (VA) being the right fit for their clients, but not a lot is said about the client should also be the right fit for the VA. Well, just as a client has a list of things that they want from a virtual assistant, VA’s should also have their own list of qualities and other things to look for in a client before forming start building the business relationship or signing a contract. One of the most important things as a VA is the working relationship that you have with your client; the rapport, communication and understanding etc. As a virtual assistant you’re a business owner, and as a business owner you want to put yourself in a position that’ll bring out the best results for you and your business. This is why, as a VA, you have to choose your clients carefully.

Know your ideal client

As a business owner you should know exactly who you’re targeting with the services that you offer. Write down the specific type of client that you want. Create an Ideal Client persona where you have an ideal age, gender, type of business that they own and their points of weaknesses, just to name a few, that will suit your strengths and allow for the need of the services that you offer. It’s not every potential client who approaches you that you have to agree to work with. Sometimes it’s okay to say ‘No’ and wait for the right client.


I cannot stress enough how communication is key in any relationship. Look for a client who can communicate well with you. As a person working remotely you need someone who will communicate very well, give you clear instructions and direction so that you can give them the quality work that they’re paying for. Don’t be afraid to ask a question where you feel you aren’t sure about what you’ve been tasked with, but also asking too many questions can raise red flags to your client about your abilities as a VA. Find a way to communicate with each that will make working seamless for both of you.

Rates & Payments

As VA’s our rates vary within the industry based on experience, services and the quality of work each offers. When you look for a client, it is important to find someone who understand the value you bring, the rates of your services and someone who will honour their payments to you. If the client wants to understand the value of your services, one way to show your client or potential client is to also track the tasks you do, how long it takes you to get the job done and give them a breakdown of that. At the end of the day, know the value of your business and the services you offer. People will try and pull your hand to get discounts or to get you to lower your rates for them, but you need to be consistent as a business owner and work with clients who will pay you what you’re asking for.

Contracts and pre-requisites

Some clients will have a list of terms that they would want added to your standard contract, like an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) while some may have privacy policies that would restrict you from outsourcing some of your tasks to other VA’s. If you do outsource work to other VA’s you need to know that you have to share this information with your potential client and make sure that is something that they are comfortable with. Be mindful of all these things before signing with a new client to make sure you don’t put yourself in a difficult position or have your hands tied. Make sure all contract stipulations and requirements fit both you and the client.


Before signing a client, set up an interview or discovery call where you can interact and have a conversation with one another to see how you are able to connect and see if there is any rapport between you to make sure you will have a good working relationship and understanding with one another. Use this opportunity to ask questions and find out more about them, and also to market your services.

One thing that I can say that really doesn’t have a formula is to go with your gut and to trust your instincts. You will know immediately whether or not you and your potential client will be able to work together and have an understanding with one another. Get a feel of how comfortable you are with them when interacting through your interview or discovery call. One other advice I can give you is to be patient, take your time and wait for the right opportunities and clients, which will eventually come.

I wish you all the best.


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