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For many start-ups and SMEs, one of the key challenges is getting access to the right administrative support when needed, without having to bring full time staff on board in the early days when budgets are tight. Complete Virtual Assistants is a South African based company with a solution. Entrepreneur Martie Cronje is offering a specialist Virtual Assistant service to those who need that little extra support.

Complete Virtual Assistants was launched in October 2016 to fulfill a gap in the market, and now they provide ethical and efficient support of a high standard to business executives through implemented systems, to assist their clients to get balance back in their lives.

Martie believes that you’re never too old to learn something new, thus Complete Virtual Assistants is expanding into the training arena, by educating admin staff with much-needed admin skills, while also training up-and-coming VA’s how to ‘cut it’ in the virtual world.

Meet Our Team

We have highly qualified Virtual Assistants who we outsource work to. They are exceptional Virtual Assistants in their own right, and do not form a direct part of our team (as would be understood as employees in the non-virtual world).

Neil Cronje

Technical Director: Telephony and Hosting

Technical Director: Telephony and Hosting

Martie Cronje

Founder & Director

Martie is a professional Virtual Assistant with 30 years’ Personal and Executive Assistant experience in solving problems for her managers and helping them bring balance back into their lives. During her employment in various industries, Martie learned quickly that…