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Form Design

When you have a form, for eg. A new client take-on form, which needs to be completed, it looks more professional is the form can be completed online using Acrobat Reader and the text doesn’t move as you type as is the case with some word processing software.


  • Form design
  • Form data exports
  • Form data import from data sources
  • Customisation

Graphic Design

Starting your business and need assistance with a new logo and business cards, or is it time to re-brand and change the look of your current branding?

  • Calendars
  • Pamphlets
  • Brochures
  • Logo’s
  • Menus
  • Business cards

Business Process Optimization

Who in the office does what, when? What is the process flow to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks?
See everything at a glance, by getting a visual representation of the process flow of every task in your office, whether onsite or virtually.

  • Business process design and optimisation
  • Business process modelling / workflows


“We had a quick meeting, so I’ll be sending you the minutes as voice notes over WhatsApp – I hope that is ok”
“We require a verbatim transcript of the recording.”

  • Notes
  • Hearings
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Minutes
  • Interviews

Commitment & Thoroughness

Hi Martie,

After doing such a great job in assisting on our behalf, there is no way that I am even going to attempt the work this month without your assistance. Your commitment and thoroughness in executing your work is just something to marvel at.

I actually don’t know what would have happened to me if you did not come onto the scene at the time you did, you were indeed a Godsend.

Organised & Efficient

Martie is extremely organised and efficient. It was such a pleasure working with her. 

She always went the extra mile!

Service of Workmanship

Martie did some admin work for me and I was totally impressed with her service of workmanship. She delivered on time as she promised and she helped so much with my admin work that I could not cope with. Her Microsoft office skills came through in her work. She is professional in all that she does. She comes highly recommended.

Organised & Efficient

Martie is incredibly organised and efficient. No task is too big or too small. I have no hesitation in recommending her and her company to assist with any Administration tasks. She has extensive knowledge on all Microsoft Office products, and her skill set is impressive. She tackles each task with enthusiasm and professionalism. Martie maintains an extensive list of service providers she can refer to. Her support, efficiency, vision, planning ability and creativity assisted me immensely when I was President in our BNI chapter and powered her when she became President when my term came to an end.

Telephone Support

“I’ll be away on a conference for 2 days, are you able to assist with answering the phone?”
“I need someone to answer my office phone when I’m out of the office or in meetings.”

… see our VoIP Related Services.

Concierge Services

What are the special events coming up, and what arrangements need to be made? Do you have the time to contact the restaurant, find the gift, arrange for a flower delivery and ensure everyone is attending?

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Document Templates

“I’m starting a new business and need to create templates for my office stationery.”