Founder & Director

Martie is a professional Virtual Assistant with 30 years’ Personal and Executive Assistant experience in solving problems for her managers and helping them bring balance back into their lives.

During her employment in various industries, Martie learned quickly that an exceptional Personal Assistant is someone who perseveres, is determined and not scared to do what it takes to get a job done. This has often led to her getting involved in the business side as well as the personal side of her manager’s lives – which sets her apart from other virtual assistants; and earning her the nickname of fairy godmother.

As a little girl she dreamt of becoming a prima-ballerina. It became evident at a very young age that she had a natural talent for organising people as she spent many hours during school holidays teaching her older siblings and cousins how to stand up straight, curtsy and plié while trying to teach them ballet.

Complete VA was started in October 2016, with the drive and motivation to support and assist business owners and give them back time to grow their business and assist them to find balance.

Complete VA offers a complete virtual assistant experience, where confidentiality, honesty and integrity is of the utmost importance.

One thing that nobody knows about her is that Martie made her own wedding dress!