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In our previous blog Continue growing your business https://www.completeva.com/how-to-take-off-a-day-a-week-and-still-grow-your-business-in-a-struggling-economy/) we looked at the administrative tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant (VA).

It’s time to get creative with some creative tasks which can be outsourced to a VA. 

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on”

Albert Einstein

If you pass on those mundane tasks, that you either don’t have time for (because you know what needs prioritization), or don’t feel like doing (you’re only human), then have a look at some creative outsourcing ideas below:

  • Compiling, editing, and publishing newsletters
  • Creating images for website posts
  • Creating information packets
  • Designing logo, email signature, company profile
  • Maintaining backend of a website
  • Proofreading / editing material
  • Setting up layout of newsletter

Consider what you are worth per hour and then look at the cost of paying someone else to get the work done (at the fraction of the cost).  Seems like a no-brainer to me.

That’s enough reading for now, so here’s an infographic to explain some of the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

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