Telephone Support & VoIP Services

Complete Virtual Assistants - Edenvale, Johannesburg, South Africa

“I’ll be away on a conference for 2 days, are you able to assist with answering the phone?”
“I need someone to answer my office phone when I’m out of the office or in meetings.”

Complete Virtual Assistants can solve this problem from you with our Telephone and VoIP Service offerings.

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Use our Complete Virtual Assistant VAs as your personal assistants or receptionists:  HOW?

  • With VoIP we can configure your incoming calls to ring at our offices. With VoIP it is just another extension.   ** No matter where you are in the world.**
  • If our VA’s have access to you or your staff’s diaries – they will know the individual’s movements and availability. They can action the incoming call to your personal needs.
  • Our VA’s can make call for you and the receiver will see the calls coming from your company phone number.
  • These service offerings can be tailored to your needs and come at a fraction of the cost a full-time assistant/receptionist employed by you will cost.
  • Many more possibilities available that align to standard services Complete Virtual Assistants offer. We just a 4-digit extension away!

VoIP calls to Complete Virtual Assistants

Note: VoIP to VoIP calls, whether internal to your company or external to another VoIP subscriber on the same network is at no charge. All calls you make from your VoIP phone system to Complete Virtual Assistants will carry no cost but the data that is used as part of your internet data costs.